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Mural painting from the Catacomb of Commodilla, late 4th century.

Metalogos: The Gospels of Thomas, Philip and Truth


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Introduction | Thomas | Philip | Truth | Commentary

Complete print edition: pdf (795 Kb), doc (1.31 Mb)


Introducción | Tomás | Felipe | Verdad | Comentario

Edición impresa completa: pdf (803 Kb), doc (1.32 Mb)

También publicada en rústica por Editorial Sirio (Málaga, 2009),
ISBN 978-84-7808-677-1;
portada y bosquejo;
en venta por Qproquo y Amazon.


Ολόκληρη τυπωμένη έκδοση: pdf (960 Kb), doc (1.48 Mb)

Walter Ewing Crum, A Coptic Dictionary

J.M. Plumley, Coptic Grammar (English/Español)

Hypertext Interlinear of The Gospel of Thomas

Hypertext Interlinear of The Gospel of Philip

The Shroud of Turin | La Sábana Santa de Turín

Ram Swarup, Understanding Islam through Hadis

Video critique of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code

Brotherhood Band Concerts (1983)

The Ecumenical Coptic Project is non-profit and non-sectarian, publishing on the Internet
the necessary resources for a thorough study of the three Nag Hammadi Gospels.

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