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Understanding Islam through Hadis1

Ram Swarup

Exposition Press
Smithtown, New York USA (n/d)



    1.  Faith

    2.  Purification

    3.  Prayer

    4.  The Poor Tax

    5.  Fasting and Pilgrimage (Hajj)

    6.  Marriage and Divorce

    7.  Business Transactions, Inheritances, Gifts, Bequests, Vows and Oaths

    8.  Crime and Punishment

    9.  Religious Wars (Jihád)

    10.  Government

    11.  Hunting, Food and Drink

    12.  Clothing, Decorations, General Behavior, Greetings, Magic, Poetry, Visions, Dreams

    13.  Muhammad

    14.  The Prophet's Companions

    15.  Virtue, Destiny, Knowledge, Remembrance of God

    16.  Paradise, Hell, Their Inmates, the Last Day

    17.  Repentance I

    18.  Repentance II

    19.  Hypocrites


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